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Austrian porcelain antique vase and cover, by Royal Vienna

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This fine hand-painted work is richly decorated in ornate gilt, and exudes an elegant opulence characteristic of Royal Vienna porcelain.

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The porcelain vase of baluster form, decorated to the body in the manner of Francois Boucher with hand-painted Classical scenes of Greek scholars and of Constantine I proclaiming the recognition of Christianity, the circular base similarly decorated with a central oval reserve depicting a female nude reclining beside a cherub, the main body flanked on either side by twin gilt handles, surmounted by a navy lid with further gilt detailing

Signed to the body 'C. Forster', beehive mark to the underside for Royal Vienna, also bearing inscription 'Konstantin I verkündet die Anerkennung des Christenthums' and 'Griechische Gelehrte' (Constantine I proclaims the recognition of Christianity / Greek scholars)

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