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Giovanni Blanco

Giovanni Blanco was born in 1980 in Ragusa. He lives and works in Modica and Bologna.

His research revolves around painting, a medium that he uses from project to project, conducting his work through widely diversified narrative cycles. Giovanni is a "multifaceted" artist, capable of maintaining a subtle thread around his works and concepts.

For him, painting is a means of catalyst for experience, over time he has understood that for him it is not just an expressive language, with all the qualities and values that it carries with it (anthropological, spiritual, historical, etc.), but also a place. A place that he knows how to bring together sentiment and poetry, experience and failure, closeness and friction.

In other words, experience, a sort of thermometer of the individual's life, is what shakes and articulates the vision. When it enters, pressing inside the artist, he can do nothing but name and embody it through the practice of painting. Otherwise, every act of painting would be an empty and bite-free gesture.

His painting is multifaceted and rhizomatic, the artist compares his art to the style of the market style: to a figurative style of the figure style of the polyhedron, which can be built starting from different plans projects that are manifested in themselves not one, but more faces at the same time, given by the set of polygons present in which the image, to put it in Deleuze's words, gains a value of “difference and repetition”.