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Mauro Moscatelli

Mauro Moscatelli, born in Rimini in 1960, a graduate of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino, Italy, is a teacher of Painting's Disciplines. His artistic research starts in the eighties, revising the ancient techniques contaminating them with modern approach breaches.

In 1996 he starts his long research on graphically representing the skies, the movement of the clouds and winds with the "Cieli" series, followed by his "Terre" (Grounds) canvases and the series "Di terra e di cielo" (Of ground and sky).

Later on with an original technique he faces, in monochrome style, the theme of gaze persistence in the series "Instabili" (Unstables).

Lately he came back to full colors to elaborate "faces omade by ground and sky" inspired by eroded classic statues in the series "Eravamo Dei" (We were Gods). Here the drawing, which is at the base of any of his works, is exalted in small works on canvas applied on large hand-made paper made especially for him.

The works of Moscatelli has been exhibited in galleries and Art Fair's in Italy and abroad.

He lives and works in Rimini, Italy.