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Artist: Graziano Spinosi

Year/Location: 1999 Italy

Dimensions: 3m

Sculptures: Mixed Techniques

Materials: Iron


While managing to evoke the filament-like and light silk cocoons for a long time, the artist has used planking of iron and cement plaster, structured in the ways of an armoured architecture with a barely penetrable cage, shaping with a cutting torch, a trowel, pincers and hammer. Winches were used to lift the fossil pupae, and working clothes and gloves were provided with thick leather front pads, welder’s masks and cigarette. The extreme density of the steel ‘Forest’ is, however sublimated and lightened by the Cypress shape, tapered and smoky. The gaps between metal and metal, let us perceive an interior space, a cavity that allows us to imagine spying and imprisoned phantoms. And there is some truth in this suggestion, since each year one of the seven mighty mane has been colonised by communities of insects, especially wasps, which nest in hives built of iron. Massimo Pulini