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3 Reasons why you should buy art online


The growth of digital channels and the rapid increase of e-commerce platforms over the last decade have caused consumer behaviors to change, with many purchasing items directly online. The art world has been going through this transition, where many art collectors, millennials and new art collectors, have made the switch to buying art online. The preconceived idea behind the purchase of an artwork requiring it to be seen in order to be purchased is slowly giving space for more ways of experiencing art, through digital platforms.

We have identified 3 main reasons why you should buy Art online.

1. Easy and effortless

Buying art online can be easy and effortless as both collectors and art enthusiasts can search, select and purchase art in a few clicks. The access to art online, not only reduces the "social" barrier one can find when purchasing art, but also, reduces the "geographical" barrier, in the sense that art is now available at all times, from every location.  

2. You have the choice

Online art platforms enables both collectors and art lovers to have access to a variety of artworks across multiple art movements. Collectors and art enthusiasts can discover art at their own pace and with serenity.

3. Transparency

Online art platforms deliver information such as medium used, artist bio, price, in an easy and transparent way, enabling collectors and art enthusiasts to have all information at hand at the time of purchase as well as a making the artwork purchase experience less intimidating and more enjoyable.

Overall, the digitalization of the art sector is organically following the trends and characteristics of our contemporary society. At the base of purchasing art, however, is Trust and Authenticity. Collectors and art enthusiasts need to feel safe when purchasing art online and trust the platform used to go through with the purchase. On the other hand, artists need to feel appreciated, in charge and free to promote their work in accordance with their values. Trust and authenticity are some of ARTXIT's core values. We are providing a safe platforms curated with artworks selected by experts, in parallel of building a community in which both artists and art collectors/ enthusiasts can share, discover and grow in their creativity and passion.   

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