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80cm x 60cm
Artist: Graziano Spinosi

Year/Location: 2012 Italy

Dimensions: 80cm x 60cm

Paintings: Mixed Techniques

Materials: Birch wood and bees wax on board


Koan, in Zen, means to sing together; the expression refers to universal harmony, the experience of the nullification the soul in the cosmos. One experience the same sensation in front of recent works by Graziano Spinosi. He has developed a personal language with which he transitions back and forth between two and three-dimensionality, frequently passing from one technique to the other with continuous cross-references and reciprocal explorations. Each of Spinosi’s works emphasizes absence as an indistinct, profound vertigo, the void as vital womb, with the accent on the rhythm of existence: there is no safe landing. The residence is temporary but, in any case, never becomes a den, a symptom of imprisonment. In the space, these works almost assume a sacral value, as if intended to stimulate the ability to recover an authentic dimension. The spectator can relive time and space, rhythm and energy, the conditions that have given life to the formal act of its construction. A realization that arises between the fairy-tale arc of which it feeds freely Spinosi, poetically, to create images close to the archetypes of the collective unconscious. Giancarlo Papi