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Mauro Pipani

Mauro Pipani's multifaceted artistic career starts in Bologna (IT) in the 1970s and develops over time through a deep and dynamic personal research and academic teaching, between Cesena and Verona. In his works, the memories of his native places of Riviera Romagnola symbiotically interact with the outside world in continuous evolution, in an ever-renewed light that is rooted in the past (never meant in a purely nostalgic way), gives life to the present and projects into the future. 
The pictorial space with its layers of gauze, fabrics, glued papers, metal fragments, resins, and with the typically monochrome backgrounds of whites and grays, becomes a sort of musical staff, on which Mauro Pipani composes his melody of signs, traces and vibrant words, in an almost suspended space-time dimension. Memories, hopes, visions for the future and glimpses of the present are intertwined in the artist's interiority and find their tangible shape in the material support, through a pictorial and poetic discourse which is, for its intimate and authentic nature, open. 
By Rosamaria Pepe