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Patrizia Zelano

Patrizia Zelano graduates in ethnoarchaeology at the University of Bologna and for over ten years works as a researcher at the Museum of Extra-European Cultures ‘Dinz Rialto’ in Rimini. She is taught by the professional photographer Guido Guidi at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. His teaching plays a fundamental role in her artistic research and development.
To her, photography is seen both as artistic self-analysis, and also something which quenches a strong desire for freedom. At first she conducts research on an aesthetic way of seeing things and after that she focuses her attention on overlooked things and places to photograph. Her pictures are metaphors and evoke feelings. The plainest and humblest subjects turn into symbols of fragility and melancholy and, gaining new features, are idealized and transformed into evocative sculptures collected from our memory. After a few years, she combines photography with modern sculpture and installations. This is a new photographic technique. Her sculpture, whose life is very short, is poetry, hidden geometry and shapes of restlessness. We see in it a primeval heritage, source of inner references. This is her way of feeling, which is both modern and primitive.
Patrizia’s works are now exhibited in various museums and International galleries. She was awarded a large number of prizes. Her photographs can be found in public and private collections.