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Eduard Habicher

Eduard Habicher was born in 1956 in Malles-Val Venosta, now he lives and works in Rifiano-Merano. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence;

Basic in Habicher's art is the idea of sculpture that penetrates space and which in turn is crossed by space; it frees, deforms, converges or melts its energies, takes on a new dynamic that also involves the viewer. Formally he transforms the essential parameters of sculpture such as weight, balance, statics and volume into his dominant theme such as weight and lightness, movement and space, levitation and oscillation.  

His first solo show in Bari in 1982 was followed by exhibitions in Bolzano, Milan, Florence. 1986, the year in which one of his works was acquired by the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan, by the Civic Gallery of Bologna, at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, at the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento and at that of Arezzo in 1993.

In 2003 he presented an important personal exhibition at the Castello di Pergine and in 2006 he installed on the medieval ramparts of Castel Firmiano, transformed into the Museum of the Mountain by Reinhold Messner, three large sculptures in stainless steel and a red construction beam that form an evocative union between the ancient and the aerial lightness of his work. He is present, among the most interesting international sculptors in group exhibitions in various museums in South America, at the Kärntner Landesgalerie in Klagenfurt, at the Park of the New Art Center in Salisbury (Great Britain), at the Academy of Denmark in Rome.

Recently the Rai of Bolzano has aired two video documents: one on the sculptures of Habicher and the other on the concert "Eduard tonale Nr.1", performed by two world stars such as Joey Baron and Robyn Schulkowsky, playing the metal sculptures in the large studio new one.