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Italo Bressan

Italo Bressan was born in Vezzano (TN) in 1950.  Italo Bressan's research took place for a few decades around a reflection on the founding elements of painting: form and color. His attention to these components stands as expressive and at the same time fluid energy, where the plastic strength of the chromatic element determines a new dynamic space, the form materializes through color.
The soul of his research is the deep sense of a chromatic intensity that Bressan experiences with spontaneity and absolute mastery. In his painting, absence and presence, density and lightness coexist, what is at the heart of the artist's interest is the profound sense of brightness as a place of revelation of every color and its infinite shades. It is to all intents and purposes a painting of light, which despite being ethereal and suspended is able to produce chromatic variations of great intensity.