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Marco Battaglini

Marco Battaglini was born in Verona (IT) in 1969. He is a Costa Rica based artist who masterfully blends classic and contemporary styles into postmodern pop pastiches. He studied at academies in Italy for over ten years before he began creating remarkable, iconic collections of plexiglass prints.
Battaglini updates the deeply traditional history of his Italian roots by combining images of master paintings with profane urban backgrounds. His artwork lays out historical influences with an ironic, contemporary twist on a plane where time does not exist. The artist’s goal is to reveal the temporal and spatial limitations that are disruptive in the interpretation of reality by removing them from his collages, instead blending time and space together in work that combines goddesses and graffiti. Battaglini’s artwork couples the divine with the vulgar, the traditional with the iconoclastic, and the sobering with the humorous in a complicated and visually stunning collection. 
Battaglini has showed his work all over the world. His seminal work, ARTPOPCLASSIC was published in 2015, and captures the iconic characteristics of the artist’s philosophy. The artist uses his work, a mixture of styles, cultures, and time-space, to invite his audiences to think about today’s global village, and how the ‘democratization’ of culture has created an evolution of knowledge.