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Approx 40cm x 40cm
Artist: Graziano Spinosi

Year/Location: 1994 Italy

Dimensions: Approx 40cm x 40cm

Sculptures: Other Media

Materials: Brass


Watching the parade of shoes that was slowly increasing in the study of Spinosi, I had the impression of a special gear up for a trip, in which the baggage was those same shoes that you might need on the way. A journey on foot, where places are confirmed by the material of the soles and uppers, different for each location past through. I think this has been a journey of love and pain, and I am not referring only to that of the artists that accompany the shoes. These are the shoes of Spinosi. It is his love and pain of which I speak, as it is ours in the moment when we look at those shoes, immagining their life led virtually and preceiving their death in a museum display case. The rule of visual acceleration continues and at all costs shatters on that moment of stilled space time that allows the eye to communicate with the soul of man. Art often renders this possible. Raffaele Gavarro