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Graziano Spinosi

Graziano Spinosi was born in 1958 in Bologna (IT). He spent
his childhood in Romagna. In 1979 he held his first exhibition
staff at the deconsecrated church of Santa Lucia, a
Bologna, seat of the University's Aula magna since 1986. In the same
year he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In the
the eighties he realizes works using acrylic resins,
polyurethane, silicone and fiberglass. In 1992 he moved to
Rome, here begins a research that involves the use of the most varied
materials, especially poor and industrial waste. In 2004 he is one of the artists who
exhibit at hypermarkets of art, at the Palazzo delle Papesse in
Siena. He is been teaching at the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts since 1994.