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Lorenzo Scarpellini

Lorenzo Scarpellini was born in 1994 in Ravenna (IT). He attended the Liceo artistico P.L. Nervi and later the Accademia di Belle Arti. From an early age he has always had an inclination for drawing and a particular interest in sculpture. He is a lover of the natural world, passionate about mythology, archeology and paleontology. 

His research is based on the creation of forms that recall the idea of abandonment and rejection, but also of ephemeral and ancient. He is sensitive to the ecological crisis that affects all the natural environments of the planet and it is precisely this identification that leads him to choose certain types of materials and create works that have to do with pain and suffering.

He likes to fantasize about the hypothetical natures of a world after the world, imagining figures that are halfway between the vegetable and the animal, the find and the wreck, the organic rest and the artificial object. He is fascinated by the perpetual transformation that time makes on objects, beings, matter.

Experimentation related to materials plays a central role in his work, as he feels the need to study artistic techniques that are as non-polluting as possible. For this reason he works almost exclusively with poor and recovered materials: in particular, he has a predilection for the paper he makes from old cardboard boxes, but he is also very attracted to oxidized metals and woods aged by the sun and rain.