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Luca Piffero

Luca Piffero was born in Rome in 1944. He was Holder of Decoration at the Albertina Academy in Turin until a few years ago, conducting a teaching activity of great commitment, on which he poured all his energies. Today he lives on Lake Maggiore (IT) and continues to work in silence in the small village where he lives and among his beloved woods.  

Luca Piffero began his activity as a conceptual artist in the early 70s exhibiting in galleries such as Trisorio in Naples, Studio Oggetto in Caserta, Galleria 2000 in Bologna, Artra Studio in Milan, Mario Diacono and Margherita Failoni in Rome etc.

Over the years he has used various media, from photography to interventions on nature, from drawing to painting, to installations, but always with a cold and reflective investigation of "meaning". Philosophy and literature together to forge a formally refined and sensitive language.